The little-known secret you need to know about…

Here’s the REAL reason you can’t get rid of your man boobs… and the TRUTH about how to lose them.

For months – years – you’ve been doing everything you can to blast those boobs away. You’ve tried all the workouts from all the fitness magazines and websites. You’ve been lifting heavy day in, day out. But no matter what chest exercises you do, you just can’t get them to go away.

You desperately want a masculine chest but nothing is working.

Here’s the kicker…

Everything you’ve been doing to get rid of your man boobs is only making them worse

The theory trotted out by most so called ‘experts’ is that working your chest muscles will firm up your whole chest area, making your moobs much less noticeable.

If that was true, man boobs would never be a problem for steroid-guzzling bodybuilders. But bodybuilders are one of the prime candidates for breast reduction surgery. In fact, one top U.S. gynecomastia surgeon says about HALF his patients are bodybuilders.

So if bodybuilders – who already have monster chests – can still manage to grow man boobs, do you really believe you can get rid of yours just by beefing up your chest?

It doesn’t matter if you do a thousand pushups, presses, dips or flys every day.

You’ll STILL have a layer of fat sitting on top of that muscle.

And building up the muscle is only going to push those fat deposits out even further, making your moobs look WORSE.

All that hard work you’ve been doing in the gym is adding to your problem.

So before you even think about developing your chest muscles, you have to get rid of that layer of fat covering them.

“But I’ve lost weight and my man boobs are STILL there!”

Hell, you’ve seen guys way bigger than you who aren’t walking around sporting man-cans. So what gives?

Hate to break it to you but your “diet” has probably been making your moobs worse.

If you’ve been skimping on food and depriving yourself of the right nutrition, you’ve done an excellent job of tanking your testosterone levels. Your estrogen levels, not so much.


There’s a few reasons for this, but here’s two biggies:

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    First, fat restriction is a major testosterone-killer. Testosterone production is highly dependant on fatty-acids and cholesterol. So if you’ve been eating a bunch of low-fat food, you’ve been robbing your body of one of the essential ingredients it needs to make testosterone.

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    Second, if you’re not giving your body adequate nutrition (in other words, you’re not “dieting” right) your body can’t get all the energy it needs. So to preserve energy, it slows down some of the processes irrelevant to survival. Like the reproductive system. Which means bye bye testosterone.

Feels like you just can’t win, right?


There’s a time and a place for chest exercises. This isn’t it. And we’re not saying that losing weight isn’t the right thing to do. It absolutely is. You just need to do it the right way. But there’s something else that’s been stopping you winning the battle against your moobs.

Because when you still have man boobs despite years of exercising and losing weight, there’s a pretty important piece of the puzzle missing, wouldn’t you agree?

Here’s the deal. The major hormones that control the sex characteristics of men and women are testosterone and estrogen. Women and men have both, but men have more testosterone and women have more estrogen.

Breast tissue feeds off estrogen.

Which is why women grow breasts.

The reason other guys have a broad, masculine chest while you’re sporting A cups?

Your hormones are out of whack.


The body (usually) does a pretty good job on it’s own producing and managing just the right amounts of testosterone and estrogen. But unluckily for you, when this delicate balancing act goes wrong and your body starts producing more estrogen than it should, it doesn’t take long for things to (literally) go tits up – and before you know it, you’re a bitch tit victim.

No matter how much weight you lose or how many chest exercises you do, if your hormones aren’t in check you’ll never get that flat chest you want.

You might have already lost some body fat, but just between us, you’re probably still carrying a little bit more than your fair share aren’t you? And you’ve probably been struggling to shift it in the first place, right?


It's not your fault - here's why:

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    Higher estrogen levels make it easy to GAIN FAT and difficult to GROW MUSCLE. Sure, muscle burns fat, but only if you can gain enough of it in the first place. Too much estrogen means you’ll struggle to gain enough muscle to lose body fat efficiently and sufficiently enough to reduce the size of your man boobs.

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    Fat tissue contains an enzyme called aromatase that converts testosterone to estrogen. Yep. Your body fat is INCREASING your estrogen levels, COMPOUNDING your problem. Which is why until you sort those estrogen levels out your moobs are going nowhere.

Gynectrolcontains powerful, natural ingredients that may help burn stored chest fat and rebalance your hormones, helping to reduce the size of your man boobs



One of the most important weapons in your man boob battle, Sclareolides pack a powerful punch when it comes to seeing off your jugs. Not only do they help reduce excessive estrogen production (the underlying cause of all your woes), they also stimulate production of luteinizing hormone, which increases testosterone production.

With a better testosterone-estrogen balance, you’ll finally start to see those man boobs shrink. Sclareolides also increase production of a substance called cAMP, which increases the rate of fat release from cells (a process called lipolysis). When the excess fat stores in your chest start to disappear, so will your moobs!


Like sclareolides, Guggulsterones have a direct catabolic effect on adipose (fat) tissue. Which means they’re a powerful fat burner that can help break down excess fatty tissue in your chest. They also stimulate the thyroid to produce more of the hormones that increase metabolism.

When your metabolism is raised, your whole body burns fat faster, making it much easier to lower your overall body fat (a key strategy in reducing your moobs) and break down stubborn chest fat faster.


Yes, really. Caffeine is a seriously effective fat burner because it activates the enzymes responsible for lipolysis in adipose tissue. In other words, it literally tells your cells to burn fat! By speeding up the rate at which fat is broken down and eliminated from your chest (and everywhere else) your moobs’ days are numbered.

Caffeine is also a metabolism booster, amplifying fat burning even more to help you lower your overall body fat percentage. To accelerate these awesome moob-busting effects even further we’ve included both caffeine and green tea in Gynectrol.

There’s another reason we’ve included caffeine. It boosts the effects of sclareolides. While sclareolides increase production of cAMP (which shrinks fat cells), caffeine prevents its breakdown, making the effects of each ingredient even more powerful.

Along with chromium (which stimulates insulin, helping your body better metabolise fat) and theobromine cacao (which has similar effects to caffeine in helping with body weight management), Gynectrol’s powerful, synergistic herbal formula is a moob-fighting powerhouse that will accelerate your body’s fat burning ability and put your hormones back in check.

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    Have the confidence to take your shirt off

    At the beach, at the pool, in the locker room or in the bedroom, take your shirt off with pride knowing that what’s underneath is no longer a source of shame and embarrassment.

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    Wear the clothes you want, not the ones you have to

    Swap your thick, shapeless shirts for ones that show off your chest, not hide it, and get dressed with dignity each morning knowing that whatever you wear, you’re going to look good.

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    Hit the gym without worrying everyone is staring at you

    No more convincing yourself that everyone else is paying more attention to your saggy chest than they are to their own workout, and no more living in fear of the locker room – turning your back to change will be a thing of the past.

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    Look forward to summer instead of dreading the sunshine

    Your days of hiding indoors while everyone else is out there having the time of their lives are over. Feel comfortable wearing T-shirts – go shirtless even – and go ahead and book that beach holiday you’ve been longing for.

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    Do all the things you’ve always wanted but never could

    Go swimming (without your shirt on), learn to surf, wear that nice dress shirt, go on dates – lots of dates. Your chest has held you back for too long but now you can finally get out there and enjoy your life free from the heavy cloud of shame you’ve been living under all these years.


All your life you’ve been embarrassed by your body, letting your chest hold you back from doing the things you want in life. It’s time to take your life back.

Now you can WALK TALL and hold your chest out with PRIDE knowing that people are looking at you for all the right reasons – not because of your man boobs. It’s time to regain your SELF-RESPECT and experience the best years of your life.