What Makes Buff Dads Being The Best

by surendra kumar October 05, 2020 4 min read

What Makes Buff Dads Being The Best

As a Father’s Day special, we at team CrazyBulk decided to have a look at the best buff dads out there, showing them in action while doing their most important job of all: being an awesome dad.
Now if you are simply there for your kids and doing your best at raising them to be good people, you are already an awesome dad in my book bro. But aside from that, there are many more ways one can be a cool dad.
For this year’s Father’s Day, we decided to give a few of them the spotlight. So here’s to all the legendary dads out there!
Famous buff dads
Ok, let’s kick off with a few famous ones.
For example, did you know Dwayne Johnsson was actually an absolutely adorable dad? That’s right, here’s “The Rock” on an Easter egg hunt with his daughter…

And here he’s just hanging out with his little one, watching the Incredibles 2 together in bed for what is apparently “the 57th time”.

Now that’s parenting!
But he’s not the only famous father with a soft spot.
How about the big man himself, Arnold Schwarzenegger? For his daughter’s birthday, he made this lovely little collage on Instagram. Ain’t that cute.

Oh and that’s not his only kid by the way.
As we probably all know, Arnie also has a son, Joseph Baena, who graduated this year and got a love-filled message from his dad on Instagram

Oh, and talking about Mr. Olympia winners…
How about 2018’s My. Olympia?
Last year’s winner became the oldest bodybuilder ever to win the Mr. Olympia title (aged 43 and 5 months), defeating seven-time winner Phil Heath.
Jamaican-American Shawn Rhoden, a.k.a. the Flexatron, is definitely a force to reckon with, and an absolute beast of a man.
But for his daughter, he turned himself into another type of monster…
The Flexatron might be one of the most ripped bodybuilders ever, one block of bulk, but that doesn’t mean he can’t be gooey on the inside.
When it comes to his little girl, Rhoden is as soft as they get. And if you ask me, dads become even cooler – and cuter – when they’re bulk as f*ck but still showing their soft side.

Ok, how about one more Mr. Olympia winner?
Just to make sure we all get the idea (and because we couldn’t skip this legend of course!).
The King, Ronnie Coleman, 8x Mr. Olympia winner and one of the biggest bodybuilders of all times.
Ronnie has retired from bodybuilding, but he is still employed as a fulltime dad of four daughters!

Such a family man!
And reading his Instagram captions, you know the guy has a heart as big as his pecks:
Like father like son
Sometimes the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, and this is equally true in the world of bodybuilding.
First up, the last man to defeat Arnold Schwarzenegger in a competition and the only bodybuilder in the world who managed to defeat Arnie in a Mr. Olympia competition (in 1969). We’re of course talking about 3x Mr. Olympia winner Sergio Oliva!
A great bodybuilder himself, but did you know his son has some skills as well? Check it out:
That picture on the right there; that’s just EPIC! We all knew his dad was a beast of a man, but his son is really getting close to matching his level if you ask me!
But that’s not the only epic father-son power team in bodybuilding.
Most of you will know Darrem Charles, a legendary heap of muscle nicknamed the “Trinidad Hercules”, but do you know his son? He’s on his way to walk in his dad’s massive footsteps; go Renel!
Next up, the Labrada boys!
Lee Labrada has stopped competing a long time ago, after an amazing career in which he managed to make it to the top four at Mr. Olympia seven consecutive years in a row (a rank shared with only 5 other people in the world!). No wonder he was inducted into the IFBB Pro-Bodybuilding Hall of Fame!
Now he might have stopped competing, his son has only just begun. Hunter Labrada is well on his way to make a similar mark on the bodybuilding world…
Third in our list of great families: the Delarosas.
If you’re a bit into your bodybuilding, you will have come across the impressive physique of Jonathan Delarose. This IFBB pro-bodybuilder is a known face within the community, but he probably wouldn’t have been if it wasn’t for his dad.
You see, his dad used to be into lifting and reading bodybuilding magazines, and growing up Jon quickly got drawn into the world of bodybuilding as well.
He has probably surpassed his dad in fame, but he definitely hasn’t forgotten where he came from…
Next up, a father-son due with a little twist to it.
This is an Italian power-duo with an amazing story. Normally it’s the son who is taught by the father, but in this family, they turned the tables around.
At the amazing age of 51 (!!!) Roberto Casarotto looked at his 23-year-old son, Stefano Casarotto, and thought to himself: “I want to become a fit bodybuilder just like him!”
That’s right guys, the son became the teacher, actually coaching his dad in the gym!
That just shows you how you’re NEVER too old to learn, and how dad’s don’t just teach their children, but the children often teach their dads as well.
The result of the kid coaching the dad? Well, just have a look:
And for the grand finale…
We’ve seen some great buff dads in this list.
We’ve seen several muscular legends, who not only smash it in the gym but also in parenting.
But to end this Father’s Day Special we wanted to also show you a few everyday dads showing off their skills as fathers.
For your enjoyment, here are the 10 best dad gifs out there.
This is parenting, doing it right.

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