Increase Your T Levels With These Natural Herbs

by Geet Sarna August 26, 2020 6 min read

Increase Your T Levels With These Natural Herbs

You’re a sensible person. You want to increase your testosterone levels (don’t we all?), but you’re not looking for chemical crap or rear-end injections. You want to naturally increase those t-levels, but how exactly can you do that? Well, luckily for you, nature contains some powerful testosterone boosting herbs that can help you boost your testosterone, naturally and quickly.
Why mess with drugs when nature has all the stuff you need? Let’s get natty bro! We collected the 13 best herbs that increase testosterone. Which ones have you tried so far, and did it work? Did we forget any? Drop a message below the article and we’ll make this the ultimate t-boosting list out there. Let’s go bro!
Why testosterone is important

Let’s first educate ourselves a bit. What IS testosterone, and why do you need it?
Testosterone is one of the most important – according to many guys out there THE most important – hormone in the human body. It’s often defined as the thing that makes a man a man, but it does play an essential role for women as well.
It gives us energy. It gives us strength. It makes us want each other. It drives us in countless ways. Without testosterone, you’re simply no longer you.
Now the actual list of bodily functions and features influenced by testosterone is almost endless, but let’s have a look at some of the most important ones:
  • Developing male reproductive tissues
In other words, the development of your prostate and your testicles. Testosterone is what turns you from a boy into a man once you hit puberty.
  • Increasing bone and muscle mass
This point shows you straight away why it’s so vital for your workouts and bodybuilding efforts to keep your t-levels on top. Testosterone promotes the development of your muscle mass, strengthens your bones and prevents you from osteoporosis (bone weakness).
  • Stimulating sexual drive
Another big one; giving you a big one. Testosterone not only develops your male reproductive tissues, it also makes you want to use them. Basically, T makes you want to use the D!
  • Decreasing fat storage
While your junk may get bigger, your fat supply will get smaller. High t-levels decrease visceral fat mass, which in turn makes you more healthy, as it decreases risk of cardiovascular diseases and other complications associated with fat. Simultaneously, it increases lean body mass, making sure you will look great again!
Those are the main health benefits of testosterone, but they are definitely not the only ones. Testosterone is so important, we simply cannot do without it.
So, let’s increase those testosterone levels!

Why natural ways are better to use
You may have heard of depo-testosterone or other testosterone-boosting injections, and after hearing all these benefits of testosterone you might be tempted to go and get some, but let me stop you right there.
You don’t want to put that crap in your body man. Yes, you can increase your testosterone levels, but think of all the potential dangers and side effects.
First, let’s be honest here, injections suck. Aside from the fact that it’s just not that pleasant to stick a needle in your heinie, the place of injection can get sore and painful, or it can even start to infect. Secondly, there’s a big list of other chemical testosterone side-effects:
  • Increased acne
  • Water retention
  • Liver damage
  • Gynaecomastia; a.k.a. moobs
  • Nausea
  • Depression

Honestly, if you care about your body, you want to stay off the chemicals and stick to the naturals. If you take natural supplements, or simply eat natural testosterone boosting herbs or foods, you can still increase your t-levels, but you won’t have to worry about any nasty side effects. I call that a win-win situation.

13 Herbs to Boost Testosterone Naturally
To help you in your quest for natural sources of testosterone, we at team CrazyBulk created this list of herbs to boost testosterone naturally and quickly, without any side effects.

Tribulus Terrestris
The first in our list of herbs that increase testosterone is Tribulus Terrestris, also called goat’s head, bindii, devil’s weed, or puncturevine. This common plant can do wonders for your testosterone levels and has been used in traditional medicine for centuries.


Next up is Ashwagandha root, which comes from the Withania somnifera plant. Some call it Indian ginseng, others call it winter cherry, but all call it a powerful root. Studies have shown how this herb can boost your testosterone levels, so definitely make sure to get a hold of this root to increase your t-levels!
Tongkat Ali
Another great name I can’t pronounce, but who cares, as long as it does the trick they can call it whatever the $&%* they like.

But seriously, tongkat ali (a.k.a. Eurycoma longifolia or Malaysian ginseng) is another plant with a powerful root. In recent years, people have studied the effects of this root and the results prove what indigenous tribes have known for centuries: it increases testosterone status, reduces stress, and has many more awesome effects on your body. You want this root!

We’re staying in the world of difficult-to-pronounce names unfortunately; but we’re also staying in the world of powerful herbs that boost testosterone. Yohimbe, or pausinystalia johimbe is an African plant which has been used in traditional medicine as an aphrodisiac for centuries.
Nowadays, you can find it in multiple supplements, and we can understand why. Just like the other herbs in this list, yohimbe has been studied by scientists and proven effective. Say yes to yohimbe!

Horny Goat Weed

Gotta admit, it sounds more fun than it looks. But, the effects of this herb are most definitely something to be happy about. Epimedium, as it’s also called, is mostly found in China, plus in a few more places in Asia and the Mediterranean. This root, too, has been put to the test by scientists and it passed with flying colors. Trust me, you’ll understand the nickname once you’ve tried it.

Passiflora incarnate
This flower is as powerful as it it beautiful. The purple passionflower (its more common name) has been used in herbal medicine across the world, supposedly treating anxiety, insomnia, hypertension, and increasing testosterone.

Maca Root

After Indian ginseng (Ashwaghanda) and Malaysian ginseng (Tongkat Ali) we now reached the third ginseng in our list: Maca Root; a.k.a. Peruvian ginseng. This herb is found high in the Andes mountains in Peru, and has been used by traditional tribes there to increase fertility. Today, you can find it in many premium natural supplements, aimed at boosting your t-levels.

Pine bark extract
This one is a lot more common and found closer to home for most of us: pine bark extract. Its more technical name is pycnogenol, and it is used more a multitude of reasons; from treating circulation problems to muscle soreness to erectile dysfunction (ED). It is used to stimulate your body’s performance and improve athletic endurance and strength; awesome for in the gym!

Rhodiola Rosea
Another natural beauty (literally). Rhodiola rosea (commonly know as rose root or golden root) is a flowering plant which can be found across the earth. Take this testosterone boosting herb and I promise you that many more things will start to florish…

This one is by far the easiest to supplement and add to your diet. Regardless of it’s testosterone-boosting effects, you simply need garlic. Can you think of a proper Italian pasta without it? Didn’t think so bro. So no excuses, let’s cook!
Saw palmetto
Saw palmetto, officially called serenoa repens, is a small type of palm tree found in the Southeastern United States, especially along the Gulf Coastal plains and south Atlantic. The extract taken from the ripe berries of this little palm tree is widely used as a herbal supplement to increase testosterone and for multiple other functions. Time to head down South and get yo self some saw palmetto!
Moringa oleifera – also known as the drumstick tree – grows in tropical regions of South Asia. Traditional herbal medicine has been using this herb for centuries to try and boost those t-levels; and with success. This study, for example, investigated how it enhances sexual performance – and boosts testosterone – in subjects and the results were all in favor of moringa oleifera!
Shilajit Extract
We saved the weirdest for last; shilajit/shilajeet extract (also sometimes called mumijo). This sticky, thick substance, resembling tar, is found in mountain ranges, stuck to steep rocks. Traditional Indian medicine has used it for ages to treat many different things, one of which is testosterone deficiency. Nowadays, you can find it in some t-boosting supplements.
And there we have it: 13 of the best testosterone boosting herbs out there to naturally increase your t-levels!

Natural supplements to boost testosterone
You can see there are plenty of herbs out there to help you improve your testosterone levels, without you having to resort to dangerous, nasty injections or other chemical crap.
Natural is the way to go – like with our own natural supplement Testo-Max for example – because it does the same trick as the bad stuff, but without the dangers or side effects. Only the pros, none of the cons: that’s why you should always use natural supplements to boost your testosterone levels.

There can be only one conclusion: whatever you do, stay natty my friend! Stick to natural supplements and make sure you get your hands on these testosterone boosting herbs, instead of resorting to any type of dangerous products. We’re talking about your body here bro!

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