15 Minute Daily Full Body Workout For Woman To Feel Stronger And Better

by Geet Sarna July 06, 2020 5 min read

15 Minute Daily Full Body Workout For Woman To Feel Stronger And Better

The full-body workouts for women have been shown to produce next-level results in weight loss, muscle building, and strength. You can choose from dozens of exercises, allowing you to work out in the comfort of your own home or your favourite gym.
The 15-Minute Full Body Workout for Women to Get Stronger and Feel Better
Just in case there’s any doubt, guys love workout girls. Being able to hold your own in the gym and in the real world is an attractive quality, and one that’ll skyrocket your self-confidence. If you want to get stronger, look better, and feel amazing, we recommend full-body workouts.
Studies show that full-body workouts are effective and beneficial. You can easily complete a calorie-torching full-body workout in just fifteen minutes and you don’t even need to go to the gym to do it. Let’s take a look at two types of full-body workouts for women: at-home and gym-based.
Many Benefits Of Full-Body Workouts For Women
Before we jump into the best full body workout routine for women, let’s discuss their benefits and how they can help you accomplish your fitness or female bodybuilding goals.

Fat Burning: As the name implies, full-body workouts are utilizing every major muscle group in one sitting. The more major muscle groups you use, the higher your rate of energy expenditure or calorie burning. Studies show that full-body workouts are an effective way to promote fat burning and total-body weight loss.
Lean Muscle Growth: Even if your goal is weight loss, building lean muscle mass is an asset. Muscle mass naturally burns more calories while at rest, and you’ll have a leaner, more defined look. Studies show full-body workouts are ideal for muscle building while simultaneously burning fat.
Build Strength: Whether you have your sights set on a weightlifting competition or you simply want to be able to do more push-ups, full-body workouts allow you to gradually increase strength levels. Studies show that full-body workouts were equally as effective as split-body workouts in regards to increasing strength and power.
What You Need to Perform Full Body Workouts at Home

A full-body workout for women at home doesn’t require any fancy equipment. In fact, you can use bodyweight exercises and achieve the same fat-burning and muscle-building results that you would in a gym. If you’re interested in buying equipment for a home gym, here are a few recommended pieces of equipment 

Dumbbells: When building an at-home gym, the best investment you can make is a series of dumbbells. Due to their versatility, dumbbells give you access to dozens of exercises and allow you to create a variety of full-body workouts for women.

We recommend purchasing one light set of dumbbells (e.g., 2, 5, and 10 lbs.) along with a heavier set (e.g., 12, 15, and 20 lbs.). If you don’t have space, an adjustable dumbbell set is ideal. It’s one set of dumbbells that can be adjusted to be lighter or heavier – no additional plates needed.

For those on a budget, resistance bands are a cost-effective option that can provide up to 125 lbs. of resistance. Not looking to make a purchase. That’s okay, you can use water-filled milk jugs or sand-filled water bottles as substitutes.

Pull-Up Bar: The next at-home gym investment you should make is in a pull-up bar. Thanks to advancements in fitness technology, you can buy a pull-up bar for your door frame without needing to take out a hammer and screws. Pull-up bars give you access to a library of shoulder, arm and back exercises.
Bench: While it’s not necessary for a great full body workout for women at home, a bench can be very useful. An adjustable bench – one that goes from decline to flat to incline – can help you develop your chest, shoulders, arms, core, and more.
Not interested in buying a bench? That’s okay! You can use a BOSU ball or two kitchen chairs as a substitute for most exercises.
The Best Full Body Workout Routines for Women at Home
Below, you’ll find a full-body workout routine for women at home that offers several options depending on the equipment that you own. Perform one set of each exercise for the prescribed repetitions. One round should take you about fifteen minutes.
Feeling adventurous? Take a break then begin the list again for a second or third set.

Bodyweight Squats: 20

· Dumbbell Option: Dumbbell Squats: 10
· Bench Option: Step-Ups: 10 (each side)
· Bench and Dumbbell Option: Weighted Step-Ups: 8 (each side)

Superman: 15

  • Pull-Up Bar Option: Pull-Ups: 5
  • Dumbbell Option: Dumbbell Rows: 8
  • Bench and Dumbbell Option: Dumbbell Pullover: 8 

Single-Leg Deadlift: 15

  • Dumbbell Option: Dumbbell Deadlift: 12
  • Bench Option: Side Step-Up: 10
  • Bench and Dumbbell Option: Weighted Side Step-Up: 8 

Push-Ups: 10

  • Bench Option: Decline Push-Ups: 10
  • Dumbbell Option: Push-Up with Row: 5
  • Bench and Dumbbell Option: Dumbbell Bench Press: 8 

Mountain Climbers: 30 (15 on each side)

  • Bench Option: Lower Abs Leg Extension: 10
  • Dumbbell Option: Russian Twists: 10
  • Pull-Up Bar Option: Leg Lifts: 10 

Triangle Push-Ups: 10

  • Bench Option: Dips: 10
  • Dumbbell Option: Overhead Triceps Extensions: 10
  • Bench and Dumbbell Option: Close-Grip Bench Press: 10 

Bridge: 15

  • Dumbbell Option: Weighted Bridge: 10
  • Bench Option: Donkey Kicks: 15
  • Bench and Dumbbell Option: Elevated Weighted Bridge 

Burpees: 10

  • No substitute – This is your finishing workout move 

Full Body Workout for Women at the Gym

Assuming you have a fitness center membership and access to all the bells and whistles – bench, squat rack, barbells, weight plates, etc. – it’s time to upgrade to a full-body workout for women at the gym. Below, you’ll find two workouts: one for beginners and one for those with prior experience in the weight room.
Beginner’s Full-Body Gym Workout for Women
·          Overhead Dumbbell Squat: 3 sets of 8 to 12 repetitions
·          Barbell Rows: 3 x 8 – 10
·          Weighted Crab Walks with Bands: 3 x 16 (8 each side)
·          Incline Dumbbell Fly: 3 x 8 – 10
·          Cable Woodchopper: 3 x 15 – 20

Advanced Full-Body Gym Workout for Women
·          Barbell Squats: 3 sets of 8 to 12 repetitions
·          Three-Direction Lat Pulldowns (normal / wide / reverse): 3 x 10 – 12
·          Romanian Deadlifts to Bicep Curls: 3 x 8 – 12
·          Superset:
Ø  Incline Barbell Press: 3 x 8 – 12
Ø  Push-Ups: 5
·          Cable Crunch: 3 x 15 – 20
·          Sprint: 1 x 5 seconds

It’s important to remember that results don’t come overnight; however, a full-body workout is one of the best ways to shortcut your gains.
If you’re a beginner, we recommend three full-body workouts per week with one day of rest in between. For example, you can work out on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, resting on Tuesday and Thursday.
For those with six months or more of exercising experience, try four full-body routines per week with a rest day on Wednesday, Saturday, and Sunday.
Check also our supplements for female muscle building to see what other women use to get results.

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