10 Testosterone Boosting Foods: Number 9 Is Misunderstood

by surendra kumar October 22, 2020 5 min read

10 Testosterone Boosting Foods: Number 9 Is Misunderstood

We all want healthy t-levels – and if yours need a shove in the right direction, your first port of call should be to look at eating more foods that boost testosterone. If you eat foods that increase testosterone naturally on a daily basis, you’ll be ahead of the competition before you even break out a sweat.
The thing is, not many people know which foods really are testosterone boosting foods.
That’s why we’ve created this easy to handle list for you.
10 Foods that boost testosterone levels
If you don’t eat all of these on a regular basis, you really should introduce them into your diet to promote higher t-levels:
  1. Olive oil

Olive oil contains a compound called oleuropein, which stimulates luteinizing hormone – the precursor to testosterone.
If you were to make just one change to your diet, this is the one. Add olive oil to anything that’s not tied to the floor! Ok, that might be exaggerating. But at least try to get a good 1 – 2 tbsp a day.
Be sure to use organic, extra-virgin olive oil and drizzle it over your salad or steamed vegetables. You can even add it to smoothies.
  1. Eggs

The t-boosting magic of eggs lies in their cholesterol content. You might be thinking cholesterol is a bad thing, but you’re dead wrong! Your body needs cholesterol to produce key hormones, and yep, testosterone is right on top of that list.

You’d be hard-pressed to find a more well-rounded, complete protein than that found in an egg. Not only this, eggs are also high in other important nutrients like selenium, B vitamins, lutein and choline.
Be sure to go for the free range, hormone and antibiotic-free variety. You don’t need any of that rubbish floating around in your body – it’ll only serve to mess with your own hormones.
  1. Cruciferous vegetables

Cruciferous vegetables contain indole-3 carbinol – a powerful substance that lowers your body’s level of estradiol. In case you don’t already know, estradiol is the precursor to estrogen, the female dominant hormone.
High levels of estrogen can become a problem for a man. If this hormone becomes dominant in his body, he can suddenly find himself subject to a whole host of girly characteristics, like moobs and increased levels of body fat. And that’s not even the worst part. High estrogen levels can cause testosterone levels to take a rapid nosedive.
Eating more cruciferous vegetables lowers your estrogen levels, preventing this kind of issue arising in the first place. These types of veggies are also high in fiber, vitamin C, and a substance called sulforaphane – which helps prevent cancer. What’s not to love about cruciferous veg?
Stock up on broccoli, cauliflower, brussels sprouts, cabbage, kale and chard to reap the benefits of wholesome cruciferous veg, and for an added kick in the t-sack, drizzle some olive oil on them before serving.
  1. Pork rinds
You may never have even thought about eating pork rinds, but that’s sure to change after you read this. Pork rinds are high in cholesterol and saturated fat – and both offer up a cocktail of goodness to your testosterone production factory.
You already know that cholesterol helps raise your t-levels, but so does saturated fat. The important thing is to get pork rinds that are hormone and antibiotic-free. As an added benefit, they’re also complete proteins and they can easily be crumbled up and spread across your omelet.
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  1. Pumpkin seeds

These little critters have an enormous impact on your t-levels. They’re high in zinc, which is an essential nutrient for testosterone production. Plus, they’re high in fiber, protein and healthy fats, which will also contribute towards a higher testosterone output.
Eat them as they are for snacks, or make a salad and add them to it. And for an even more profound effect, add olive oil and olives too.
  1. Steak

Ever heard of d-aspartic acid (DAA)? This is an amino acid produced naturally in the body, and it’s another important substance essential for the production of testosterone. You can find this stuff naturally in animal products, especially beef. That’s why steak’s such a good option.


Plus, red meat is high in iron. This important mineral is needed for the efficient transportation of oxygen to your muscles. The more oxygen they receive, the better they will work and the more swole you’ll become.

  1. Shrimp

This little crustacean packs a real punch when it comes to your testosterone levels. It’s high in Vitamin D, which is another one of those important nutrients for testosterone production.
Add some to your omelet or salad, or make a special steak and shrimp dinner with a side of roasted cauliflower for maximum effect.
  1. Cacao nibs

Magnesium is another fun little mineral that contributes to higher testosterone levels, and it can be found in monster quantities in raw chocolate – also known as cacao.
Cacao nibs are small pieces of cacao seeds that have been broken up. You’ll need to visit your local health store to find them, but once you do, they’re easy to add to smoothies, oatmeal, cereal or homemade granola bars. You can also get cacao powder, which is just as nutrient dense.
  1. Raisins

Good old-fashioned raisins are feared by the carb-conscious, but the truth is they hold a benefit which far outweighs the carb-issue. Raisins are high in boron – a trace element that helps boost testosterone significantly.

They’re also good sources of fiber and are extremely high in antioxidants. If you’re serious about getting it up – both under the squat rack and in the bedroom, do include these juicy little dried fruits in your diet plan. They go well in salads, smoothies and in cereal bowls.
  1. Salmon

Salmon is high in vitamin B6 and essential fatty acids, both of which are important testosterone boosters. Plus, Salmon’s a complete protein.
Steam it, poach it, broil it and get some raw sashimi the next time you hit a Japanese steakhouse. You can even top your salad with a hunk of the pink stuff. Just get some.
Get cooking for higher t-levels

It’s always in your best interest to take the natural route when you’re trying to boost your testosterone levels, and it doesn’t get any more natural than carefully selecting the food you eat. Add some of the above goods to your shopping list and build your meals around them.
Not only can you come up with some delicious dishes, you’ll also give your testosterone a shot in the right direction. And this shot won’t hurt or cause erectile dysfunction.
Read our other article about more natural ways to boost your testosterone levels.

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