Claire Aves

WBFF European Champion, 2018 IFBB Amateur Champion and now IFBB Professional Athlete.

With 16 years of experience working as a personal trainer, Claire takes real pride in her client’s results and thrives on her passion for health and fitness. Whether it’s weight loss, muscle building or simply improving one’s physical appearance, Claire promotes a lifestyle choice and provides the tools for fruitful training and successful dieting.

Claire is highly experienced in body transformations which include weight loss, muscle building, strength and conditioning, comp/stage prep and post-natal. 

She started out on the running track as a competitive 100m and 200m sprinter and also grew up as a keen footballer. This led to competitive boxing and wrestling bouts for the versatile athlete, who is even trained in Brazilian Jui Jitsu and Combat Fighting. 

Claire’s passion for bodybuilding began in 2015. She is now training as a powerlifter with a number of competitions lined up.

Claire believes any goal is possible with the willpower, determination and passion to succeed.